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With your free online Reveal account, you will be able to

  • Refer your patients online. Fill out our online referral in seconds. All of your office information and personal preferences are automatically filled in; you just need to enter the patient’s name and area of interest.
  • Schedule your patients online. You can access the calendars for each of our dental CT imaging centers and coordinate your patient’s CBCT scan with your treatment.
  • Receive instant quotes. As soon as the referral is complete, the doctor and patient will receive an email confirming the appointment date and the total due at time of service. The patient will also receive a day-before appointment reminder with a map and directions to our dental imaging center.
  • Receive your CBCT scans and images online. You can receive an email with a link to your CBCT images and the 3D file. You can forward this email to colleagues and download the workups on as many computers as you wish.
  • Track and access all of your past 3D CT scans online. View when you referred your patient, when your patient was scanned, when you were emailed the workup, and when you downloaded the images.

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