We do thing’s differently. We’re very proud of that.



Reveal Diagnostics imaging centers only use cone beam CT. Our CBCT machines can adjust the scan volume to image areas as small as 5cm to the entire head and neck.


All Reveal Diagnostics imaging centers have a hospital-licensed Certified Radiological Technologist (CRT). CRTs earn a two- or four-year degree focusing on x-ray technology and radiation safety. Our CRTs specifically adjust the radiation dosage per scan based on the patient’s physiology. This ensures you will be exposed to as little radiation as possible to create a sharp, diagnostic image with our cone beam CT. Reveal Diagnostics is the only Bay Area CBCT imaging center to trust these extremely qualified CRTs with all of our 3D scans.


Our mission is to help great doctors provide even better treatment, and that extends beyond crisp CT scans. Our dental imaging workups have the nerve mapped and the relevant crest-to-sinus or crest-to-nerve areas measured, so you don’t have to. We provide our doctors with 3D diagnostic/implant planning software and the hands-on education to use it, free of charge. We transfer the digital images directly to your computers and have real-time tracking of all of your patient cases , again free of charge. We will also plan dental implant surgical guides with you—you don’t have to buy or learn any software. You can even book your patients online for cone beam CT scans on our calendar, ensuring your patients will be scanned prior to surgery and on your timeframe. In short, we do everything we can so you can focus on treating patients.


We bill the patient or doctor at time of service, as indicated on our CT imaging referral form. We will also provide all necessary dental insurance forms. The patient will then submit those forms directly to insurance for any possible reimbursement.


We sincerely enjoy our work, and it shows. Come to our Study Clubs, laugh at our Blog, or just stop by and meet us. We do a lot of good work and we’d like to help you.