AK headshot BWAimee Roberts is our Chief Operations Officer, as well as co-founder and co-owner. She works hard and doesn’t monkey around. Prior to managing everything at Reveal, Aimee was at and Patterson Dental, and she’s a graduate of UC Davis.


Marshall BWMarshall Brickeen is Reveal’s Chief Executive Officer, co-founder and co-owner. After accepting that an Executive can’t really execute anybody, he focuses on growing the company geographically and through partnerships and services. In the distant past he was a Stanford grad, Fulbright Scholar, Booz Allen consultant, CEREC Specialist, and world traveler.


Roberts headRobert Chen is our Director of Business Development. He manages doctor relations, join-marketing activities, study clubs, and a dozen other critical items. He also collaborates with doctors on a variety of design software to create surgical guides. Robert previously worked at Anatomage and is also a graduate of UC Davis.


All of our techs are Certified Radiological Technologists. This two- or four-year medical degree qualifies them to operate CT and other x-ray technology in hospitals, as well as the cone beam CT in Reveal’s imaging centers. In addition to being extremely intelligent and qualified, they’re all very interesting. Talk to them; they like the attention.