We value radiation safety and image quality above all else. For this reason every Reveal Diagnostics dental CT imaging center has a cone beam CT that emits “dental level radiation,” or radiation under 100 kVp. Thanks to recent advances in CBCT technology, crisp diagnostic images can be created with this lower level of radiation. In fact, our “low dental radiation CT” is FDA approved for medical imaging. Many hospitals across the nation now use a similar or identical cone beam CT to image their ear nose throat and plastic surgery patients.

In addition to emitting less radiation, the CBCTs in our dental imaging centers can also focus the beam to a smaller field of interest. You don’t have to irradiate the entire skull if you’re looking for a single root fracture or evaluating one implant site. We can eliminate the condyles, narrow the scan to one arch, and even focus as finely as three or four teeth in a 5cm area.

By reducing the field of view, our cone beam CTs further reduce the patient’s radiation exposure and the doctor’s diagnostic liability.

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Our CBCT technology is unique to Bay Area CT imaging. So is our software. We use five different types of software for implant planning, surgical guide creation, image generation, and 3D viewing. When we see CBCT software that is superior in any way, we adopt it. The results are superior images and service for our referring doctors.