Study Club

Reveal Diagnostics hosts monthly continuing education seminars at its dental CT imaging centers in San Francisco, Mountain View, and Oakland.

These continuing education classes are usually from 6-8pm and include dinner, drinks, 2 CEs, hands-on cases, and great discussion with like-minded doctors. They’re also free! (Actually the food costs money, but it’s on us)

Topics include:

  • CBCT planning with endo, extractions and impactions
  • Implant planning with 3D software
  • Coordinating implant cases between the surgeon and restorative doctor
  • Using bone, membrane, and biologics
  • Different approaches to treating TMJ
  • Complex cases –what would you do
  • Growing your practice through Facebook and social media
  • Legal issues every business owner should know
  • Anything else our doctors and friends find interesting

These classes are kept to personable groups of 8 to 12. If you’re interested in joining one, please contact us and we’ll give you the schedule at our nearest dental imaging center.

Call 888-973-8325 and join the club.