Airlines have frequent flyer passes, credit cards have membership rewards, video websites have unlimited monthly rentals, restaurants have all-you-can-eat buffets… and we at Reveal Diagnostics like to think dental CT imaging is much more fun than those industries.

Reveal Diagnostics offers monthly CBCT and pano scanning programs. For one set fee, you can send an unlimited number of patients to any Reveal dental imaging center and receive the cone beam CT data or 2D panographs (or both).

For a fraction of the monthly cost of buying a cone beam CT, you and your patients benefit from the leading CBCT images taken by qualified professionals, while avoiding the costs of installation, build out, software, hardware, training, maintenance, and depreciation. It’s the absolute best of all words—and you don’t have to go through airport security or eat re-heated buffet food.

If you refer at least one patient per week for cone beam imaging, or if you have your own   implant planning software, or if you really want to be a leader in the 3D scanning community, call us to discuss our unlimited monthly scanning programs.