10 Daily Habits That Can Keep Your Teeth Healthy

March 1, 2022

Maintaining good oral health is crucial to living a happy and healthy life, and it’s much easier to do than you might think. While there are several factors that can affect your oral health, such as genetics and medical conditions, there are many things you can do to maintain healthy teeth on your own. In fact, some of these habits could even prevent serious medical issues in the future. If you want to protect your smile for years to come, read on to learn 10 daily habits that can keep your teeth healthy!

  1. Brush your teeth twice daily
    Regular brushing is essential for preventing cavities, gum disease and bad breath. Brushing your teeth once or twice a day after meals with fluoride toothpaste can do wonders for your oral health. Make sure to replace your toothbrush every three months or sooner if it begins to show signs of wear, such as fraying bristles.

  2. Eat fruit twice daily
    Fruits and vegetables are both good for your oral health—but fruits, which have high water content, are better. You should try to eat a piece of fruit every day. Try mixing it up; strawberries, oranges, apples and blueberries all contain different types of vitamins and minerals that can contribute to oral health in unique ways.

  3. Take a multivitamin every day
    If you’re not getting enough of certain vitamins and minerals from your diet, your body can’t function at an optimal level. Taking a multivitamin every day helps supplement those gaps in your daily nutrition.

  4. Don’t eat sugary foods frequently
    If you eat sugary foods frequently, you’re more likely to have cavities or decay. You should also be careful about drinking too much coffee, as it can stain your teeth. Wash your mouth out with water: When brushing and flossing isn’t enough, use mouthwash in addition to them to get rid of any leftover food particles that haven’t been cleaned away.

  5. Try not to drink too much soda/juice
    Drinking juice and soda has a lot of hidden sugar and calories. If you want to keep your teeth healthy, it’s important to make sure you’re not drinking too much of these drinks.

  6. Floss once a day (preferably after eating)
    Flossing is one of those habits that you learn to love if you make it a regular part of your oral care routine. It can take a little bit of time to get used to flossing, but once you start doing it regularly, your teeth and gums will thank you. In fact, studies have shown that dental patients who floss daily had better overall periodontal health than those who did not floss.

  7. Visit the dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings
    When you regularly visit your dentist, he or she can make sure that your teeth and gums are healthy. You’ll also be able to catch a cavity early on, when it is most treatable. If a dentist recommends a treatment plan to prevent cavities from forming in between visits, you should follow his or her advice as closely as possible.

  8. Chew sugarless gum regularly
    Sugarless gum stimulates saliva production, which washes away food debris that can lead to tooth decay. Plus, chewing a piece of sugarless gum gives you something to do with your mouth when you have a craving for sweets.

  9. Avoid sour candies and acidic drinks like coffee, tea, orange juice, etc.
    Although sour candies are bad for your teeth, sugary candies and beverages aren’t much better. Even juices contain acid that can wear down tooth enamel over time. This is why you should never drink orange juice after brushing your teeth—doing so will cause enamel erosion that leads to painful cavities.

  10. Get regular dental hygiene appointments every six months
    Dentists recommend that you get a checkup and cleaning every six months, but more frequent appointments may be necessary depending on your own dental needs. Regular dentist visits are important for your teeth and gums; they can help prevent tooth decay, periodontal disease, cavities, oral cancer and other problems. Just remember to brush twice daily, floss once daily and schedule regular cleanings as needed!

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