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Upper Cervical Imaging Technology

The first accredited CBCT imaging center in California providing advanced chiropractic diagnostic imaging

The upper cervical CBCT scans we perform at Reveal Diagnostics allow chiropractors to make very accurate corrections to the upper cervical spine area and to examine the atlas, axis, and as low as C5—from every angle.

Our free 3D CBCT software enables chiropractors to create cross-sections and visually follow the spinal cord from the magnum foramen through each vertebra. The special cone-shaped beam scans the mouth, teeth, jaw, neck, ears, nose, and throat.

RadSite Accredited
COMP Bay Area

CBCT Advantages vs Medical CTs

  • Thinner slices vs CT and MRI
  • Higher bone resolution
  • Better diagnostic certainty 

  Patients Prefer CBCT

  • The scan takes only 30 seconds
  • Up to 75% lower radiation than a Medical CT scan

    Reveal Advantage

  • Radiology report is included
  • Medical Insurance Accepted
  • RadSite Accredited

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Reveal Diagnostics has partnered with some of the nation’s most experienced licensed DACBR chiropractic radiologists.

Radiologists Provide

Specific answers to any questions

General pathology interpretation of the entire area

Thorough analysis of all anatomical structures

What Chiropractors Are Saying About Us

As a practicing chiropractor with over 30 years of experience in upper cervical care, helping patients that suffer from migraines, vertigo, neck and back pain, I refer my patients for CBCT imaging knowing that I can rely on its advanced features for precise diagnosis and improved image quality. My patients are interested in the much lower radiation doses compared standard X-rays and appreciate the caring atmosphere, without having to wait in a hospital sitting room to undergo a procedure that can be intimidating.

Dr. Steven Forest, Upper Cervical Forest Chiropractic Center

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About US.

Our caring team at Reveal Diagnostics is easy to connect with and ready to help assist with all your chiropractic imaging needs!

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