COVID - 19 Notice

Reveal Diagnostics with COVID-19

Dear Reveal Community, 

As a small business, we always have felt so connected to and grateful for the relationships we have built with each of you-in many ways you're an extension of us.

Our lives have changed rapidly over just the last 24 hours - especially if you are located in the San Francisco Bay area. Our hearts are with so any people right now affected by the global pandemic. First and foremost, we ant to express our gratitude to all the health care workers in our community. We are extraordinarily grateful for all that you do!

Amid the crisis, there have been so many beautiful reminders about the incredible kindness and resilience of the human spirit, like the way communities have come together to ensure that people are fed and taken care of. While society practices social distancing and certain cities shut down, community is more important than ever.

  • We Are Open. Both sides of our business are open. Reveal Diagnostics is able to support urgent or emergency patient care today thru April 7. Reveal Guides is open, and all employees will be working remotely to support our doctors with their upcoming surgeries. Continue to mail your stone models or submit your cases online. We are here to help. 
  • Safety First. Protecting our employees and patients from virus is our utmost priority. We already follow strict infection control protocols as our standard of care and have raised this even higher during this time by wiping down all items touched during the patient's appointment (such as payment machine, doorknobs, waiting room chairs, etc). Also, we will only see one patient at a time, adhering to social distancing. In addition, we have already rescheduled non-urgent appointments until after the shelter-i-place has lifted. Your patients are safe with us.
  • Phones. Our phones are available Monday thru Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. To schedule futures appointments and for assistance with any questions, call us at (415) 837-5990. We are here to help.
  • Future.  We will keep you updated as we navigate this situation. Currently, we are aiming to resume our regular schedule on April 8.

We will get through these uncertain times. We will emerge stronger. Together.

With gratitude, 

Aimee Knight and Robert Chen

Owners of Reveal Diagnostics and Guides
& the Entire Reveal Team

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