Exciting News: We Are Sponsoring the ICA Forum 2024!

June 14, 2024

We're all about pushing the boundaries of chiropractic care through innovative CBCT technology. And this time, we're taking our passion for advancement to the next level by sponsoring the prestigious ICA Forum 2024: Upper Cervical: Connecting to the Brain! 14-15 June, in Orlando, Florida.

The forum this year features important personalities of the chiropractic world such as Dr. Cameron Bearder and Dr. Stan Pierce Jr. Their contributions to the field, from the intricate balance of upper cervical and functional neurology to the global teaching and practice of upper cervical chiropractic, are just the tip of the iceberg of what attendees can expect.

But, what makes this event even more exciting is the chance to integrate advanced diagnostic technologies brought by Cone Beam CT (CBCT) . We've been promoting precise diagnostics in chiropractic practice, in partnership with Hayward Chiropractic College, by installing the cutting-edge NewTom VGi Evo - a first for a chiropractic school. This partnership not only underscores our commitment to enhancing educational standards but also to ensuring patients receive care that's both precise and gentle.

The NewTom VGi Evo allows for a depth of diagnostic accuracy previously unattainable in traditional settings. This is particularly revolutionary for chiropractic students and professionals who are now able to explore and understand complex cases with clarity. Imagine being able to view the cervical spine in 3D, unveiling the hidden intricacies that could unlock the path to more effective treatments.

That's the power of 3D CBCT imaging.

At the ICA Forum 2024, we're not just showcasing technology; we're showcasing a future where every patient with whiplash, migraines, vertigo, neck, and back pain can access the highest level of diagnostic accuracy. 

As attendees of the ICA Forum 2024 immerse themselves in the wealth of knowledge and experience present, we invite you to stop by and see firsthand how our 3D CBCT Imaging Centers are shaping the future of chiropractic care. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner, or a student eager to learn,  there's something for everyone.

For those looking to dive deeper into the world of CBCT, or perhaps explore how this technology can elevate your practice with the NewTom VGi Evo, get in touch with us. See you at the ICA Forum 2024!

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