Free Medical Radiology Reports for New Referring Orthodontists: Unlock the Benefits of CBCT Imaging

July 19, 2023

Are you an orthodontist looking to provide your patients with the highest-quality imaging?

Reveal Diagnostics CBCT Imaging Centers have just announced a special offer for new referring orthodontists: a free medical radiology report with every scan.

Unlock the benefits of CBCT imaging today and take advantage of this exclusive offer.

The importance of medical radiology reports in orthodontics

Medical radiology reports play a crucial role in orthodontics, as they provide valuable insights and information that can greatly impact the treatment plan and overall patient care.

One of the key advantages of orthodontic CBCT imaging is its ability to cover the largest field of view for every patient referred.

This means that not only can orthodontists identify dental and craniofacial issues, but they can also uncover potential medical conditions and pathologies that may require further evaluation or treatment.

By understanding your liability as an orthodontist and being able to identify these additional medical conditions, you can provide a more comprehensive and holistic approach to patient care.

Medical radiology reports can help you catch potential red flags early on, ensuring that appropriate referrals are made and necessary treatment is initiated promptly.

This not only enhances patient outcomes but also minimizes any legal or ethical implications that may arise from missed or overlooked medical conditions.

How to take advantage of the special offer

Use the form to submit your request and we will be in touch shortly with all necessary information.

At Reveal Diagnostics CBCT imaging centers, we recognize the importance of medical radiology reports in orthodontics. That's why we have teamed up with top Neuroradiology groups to provide a special offer for new referring orthodontists - a FREE medical radiology report with every scan.

This exclusive benefit ensures that you have access to expert radiologists who will carefully analyze and interpret the CBCT images, providing you with a detailed report that highlights any significant findings or abnormalities.

With this special offer, you can unlock the full benefits of CBCT imaging in orthodontics, empowering you to deliver the highest level of care to your patients.

Contact Reveal Diagnostics today to learn more about how you can take advantage of this valuable offer.

Why You Should Refer Your Patients to Reveal Diagnostics

When it comes to choosing a CBCT imaging center for your orthodontic needs, there are several factors to consider. Reveal Diagnostics is the first accredited CBCT imaging center in California.

This means that our facility has undergone rigorous testing and meets the highest standards of quality and safety. We are committed to providing accurate and reliable results for our patients and their referring orthodontists.

We've been serving the medical community in the Bay Area for over 12 years and are proud to offer a complete range of maxillofacial imaging services.

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