Chiropractic Imaging

Our cone beam CT images the neck and head, which is ideal for upper cervical chiropractic imaging. You can examine the atlas, axis, and as low as C5—from every angle.

Our free 3D CBCT software enables you to create cross sections and visually follow the spinal cord from the magnum foramen through each vertebra.

We can also have a licensed DACBR (chiropractic radiologist) interpret your cone beam CT image.

Benefits of Cone Beam CT Imaging in Chiropractic Practice

Studies have shown that by using CBCT imaging, Doctors are able to detect problems in patients with neurological disorders like TMJ (temporomandibular joint) Syndrome, post-traumatic arthritis or misaligned bite caused by oral rehabilitation without undergoing invasive treatment. Treatment can be focused on reducing pain and correcting deformities without going for expensive surgeries.

Chiropractic CBCT imaging is a non-invasive procedure that generate 3 dimensional images of a patient’s mouth and facial region as well as their skull, neck and spine. It helps doctors diagnose issues related to bones, joints and muscles.

With these scans, doctors are able to determine if there is any damage done to bones or joints due to trauma or accident. It also helps in determining if there has been any change in alignment of teeth due to jaw fracture or misalignment which may lead to TMJ syndrome.

The biggest advantage of the Cone Beam scanners is that they help doctors get accurate diagnosis and eliminate the need for radiation exposure associated with traditional x-rays, thus making them a safer option for pregnant women and children.

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