Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Imaging

View the sinuses and airway from coronal, sagital, and axial views, while offering you patient a much lower radiation CT than those found in hospitals or other imaging centers. 

Our low-radiation cone beam CT is ideal for ear-nose-throat imaging. Perhaps that’s why dozens of hospitals nationwide have invested in the same type of CBCTs.

Benefits of CBCT in Ear Nose Throat (ENT) diagnosis

Scans provide an incredible amount of detail about patients' sinuses, teeth and jaw bones useful for diagnosing conditions such as: sleep apnea, chronic nasal congestion & obstruction, snoring etc.

The scans can also be used to pinpoint issues that aren't visible using traditional tools such as X-rays. A CBCT scan provides a clearer picture of areas that may be causing problems than any other technology currently available, which allows doctors to diagnose problems before they become more serious. In many cases, ENTs find they are able to treat problems much faster because CBCT imaging technology reduces anxiety and removes guesswork from diagnosis.

This means patients don't have to undergo expensive and time-consuming surgery if their problem is fixable through less invasive methods.


Our Reveal Diagnostics CBCT imaging centers will:

  • Professionally scan your patient with the latest technology
  • Obtain a radiologist interpretation
  • Quickly deliver the image to you online or in print
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