Endo Workups

Reveal fractures and lateral canals in root apex to palpal chamber slices, cross-section slices at 1mm and 0.2mm intervals, and rotating root-centered slices at 20-degree increments.

Reveal Diagnostics technicians always map the nerve canal and create cross section slices at 1mm increments. However, a lot can hide between 1mm slices. We also create 0.1mm slices of the tooth of interest, and we create vertical slices—from the root apex to the palpal chamber.

Not all root fractures are conveniently located perpendicular to the image. Reveal Diagnostics is the only dental CT imaging center offering vertical slices, from the root apex to the pulp chamber. In addition, our we provide a 360-view of the tooth. We create rotating cross sections at 20-degree increments, so everything is revealed.

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