Impactions / Extractions

Impaction/Extraction Workups

See everything with 1mm and 0.2mm increment cross-section slices, occlusal-to-cervical sections, and nerve mapping.

Reveal Diagnostics technicians always map the nerve canal and create cross section slices at 1mm increments. We also angle the CBCT image to match the curve of spee.
For non-wisdom tooth impactions, we provide the standard CT cross-section slices at 1mm intervals. That’s easy, and not always what you need. A lot can hide in a 1.0mm increment.

Reveal Diagnostics is the only Bay Area dental CT imaging center to also create three unique, useful workups. First, we provide “zoom” slices at 0.1mm increments, so you can better any intersection of the impacted and neighboring teeth.

In addition, we create axial views of the impacted tooth. This allows you to follow the impaction down from the root apex to the cusp tip, providing a unique view of its proximity to neighboring teeth and cortical bone.


Reveal also uses the CBCT scan to create images of the same impaction from nine different angles. We bisect the tooth to create a cross section, then we rotate the image 20 degrees and create another cross section of the same tooth.

This 360-degree analysis produces images and highlights anatomy and pathology that is not visible in normal 1mm CT cross sections.


These zoom, axial, and 360 angle workups are no additional charge. We want you to make the most of your patients’ cone beam CT scans, and to do that we need to provide the best images.

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