Surgical Guides

You don’t have to worry about purchasing or learning new implant planning software, tracking the guide components, or coordinating everything you need. Reveal does everything for you (except the actual surgery).

After your patient receives a one- or both-arch cone beam CT scan at one of our Reveal Diagnostics dental imaging centers, we create a virtual wax-up and place the implants in a 3D model. You then view the proposal online and dictate the final implant placement to our technician. This takes about five minutes per implant. Once you approve the results, we order the final guide. In a few days everything arrives at your office, complete with instructions.

To download our CT guided surgery process steps, click here.

You can also watch an excellent, well-narrated guided surgery video below.

If you currently own 3D implant planning software, we can easily provide you with the DICOM data. You can continue to plan your cases as you always have—now with a clearer, lower-radiation, more affordable CBCT scan at Reveal and a happier patient.

We work with all guide manufacturers. If you have a favorite we can easily work with it. Our surgical guides are compatible with all implant brands and kits.


Can you make tooth, soft tissue, and bone supported guides?

Yes to all of these. Choosing between soft tissue and bone support has its pros and cons—ask us to discuss and we can help you through that decision on a case-by-case basis to get the best result.

Are you compatible with my CBCT?

Yes! We can accept images from any CBCT machine. You'll just need to export the "DICOM" images and send them via our web portal.

What do I need to start?

Two things: (1) Full arch CBCT, and (2) stone model or optical impression. For more complex cases and denture cases, we have more advanced requirements to set up proper prosthetic information. Call or email us for more details to set up your case properly.

How do I plan a case?

We plan the case for you. We are the software experts, so we prepare images and suggest implant sizes and placements. All you need to do is review the treatment plan and approve it. If it's not quite right, just ask us to make changes and we'll incorporate those for you. You can also schedule live web meetings to fine tune your cases--all of this is included in the guide fee.

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